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Some info for some blokes playing the Highlander TCG in the Omaha, NE area.

Back at it?

Brothers Jeff, Bill J, and Bob went down to Border Wars in KC this past weekend and had a good time playing some Highlander this weekend. You can view some info about the weekend here.

We are going to try and rekindle some local interest, so I'm dusting off this site in hopes we will have some new info to post here.

The first thing updated is the links page.

Updated the The Player Standings with the results of games played at Bill's Friday night.

Jordan Fetters has announced the following:
Ground Zero in Omaha will be having 2 tournaments in Feb.
First a sealed deck on Tues Feb 7th at 6pm. $20 entry with prizes to be given away.
Second tournament will be a 2nd ed. Constructed tournament on Wed Feb 20th at 6pm. $5 Entry fee with prizes as well.
Hope people will be able to make it.

Updated the The Player Standings with the results of games played at Bill's last night.

Updated the The Player Standings with the results of a couple of games Bill and I played after the sealed deck tourney Tuesday.

The 2E league buy in is now 2 starters and 25 boosters (we upped it Friday night). This is enough that you should get stuff for most of the personas and WOC.

Updated the The Player Standings with the results of the games played last night at Bill's.

Just a reminder Jason Fetters is running a 2nd Edition sealed deck tournament at Ground Zero at 50th and G on Tuesday January 23rd. Should be a hoot.

A few things of note. I ordered my cards from the Highlander 2nd Edition website direct - they were supposed to ship on 12/15/2006 but did not ship until 1/5/2007! I sent many emails trying to find out the status of my order with no response until 1/3/2007. Basically their customer service really sucks. If you plan getting 2nd edition cards you are better of going to Ground Zero at 50th & G and getting them. As of last night they had boosters but no starters at Ground Zero. They did have cheap boosters of some 1st edition stuff, including Arms and Tactics and Four Horsemen.

On another note, Bill Johnson and I played our first 2nd Edition game last night. The rules changes and new deck construction rules seem to be a good thing. We are going to call the game our first league game (especially since I won). See The Player Standings.
This was announced by Jordan Fetters on the Omaha Highlander Yahoo Group:
To kick off the new set, Ground Zero Omaha will be having a 2nd Edition Sealed Deck tournament Wed. January 3rd at 6pm. Cost will be $20 with prizes (both old and new). Hopefully there will be fun and carnage had by all. Hope to see everyone there.

I've cleaned up stuff in preparation for the 2nd Edition league.
I've changed the rules stuff and reset the Players/Standings sections and have added some links.
1st Edition Player Statistics/Standings from 9/14/2006 to 12/18/2006 can be found here.
1st Edition Player Statistics/Standings up to 9/14/2006 can be found here.

Well it looks like we are going to reset the league again and start with Highlander 2nd Edition. So far Kelly, Bill, Matt, and Bob have expressed interest. You can pre-order here for the cards which are supposed to be released on December 15th. The initial league start level is probably going to be 2 starters and 10 boosters. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Jeff and I got in a game before The Great Dalumit tonight. The player standings have been updated. 09/27/2006
Just a reminder to the new players - you guys can play games among yourselves and email me the results. The only restriction is you have to use your league decks/collections.

And a reminder to everyone, Nuke Con is October 6 - 8 and Johnson is running an open-ended Highlander event.

Bill, Kelly and I played a few games after roleplaying last night. Bill's Connor deck is dangerous! The player standings have been updated. 09/20/2006
I've added Bill's Guidelines for New League Members to the Rules Page.

Bill, Kelly and I got together to welcome Travis back to the country last night, and we managed to get a few games of highlander in. Matt was there too, but he was busy blowing up cars and trying to keep his teeth. 09/15/2006
Since we are bringing additional people into the league so I am resetting the player standings to 0 before the results of last night's games. The Old Standings can be found here.

The Player Standings start with the results of last nights games.
Updated the standings with the results from games Bill and I played last night and games Matt and Bill played earlier in the week. 08/09/2006
Updated the standings with the results from the tournament and other games played last night at my place. Bob won the tourney. Bill got second (tied for points with Kelly but beat him head-to-head), Kelly third, and Jeff last. Good prizes for everyone (Raymond now has 2 quickenings).

There were several other league games played after the tourney and between rounds: 08/03/2006
Updated the standings with the results of games played at Bill's last night. Bill reports "Kelly's Cassandra deck is nasty be ready for that bad boy. I used 2 rips last night. One trying to kill Amanda and one trying to finish Cassandra." 07/26/2006
Updated the standings with the results of games at Bill and I played at my place last night. 07/23/2006
Updated the standings with the results of Friday's games at Bill's. 07/12/2006
Updated the standings with the results of games at Matt's last night. We also drafted new cards from the stuff Bill got at Origins. Everybody got some good stuff. Kelly, Matt has your new cards.

Updated the standings with the results of games at Bill's place last night. 05/24/2006
Updated the standings with the results of some games that Kelly, Bob, and Jeff got in before and after Traveller last night. 05/17/2006
Updated the standings with the results of the Gatherings last night. Kelly playing Sir Harold Sebastion was the big winner coming in 2nd in the first Gathering, 1st in the second gathering and taking two heads.
Between the Gatherings, Oliver (Bob) defeated Annie (Jeff) in a one-on-one encounter.

Updated the standings with the results of the tournament last night. Bill (playing Connor) was the big winner. The prizes were cool (thanks Bill), Bill took the Luther Quickening and the rest of us got MLE Weapons of Choice cards.
Updated the standings with the results of games between Bill, Jeff, and Bob from last night.
Updated the standings with the results of the games Bill and Jeff played last night.
Updated the standings with the results of the games Bill and I played last night. I used a rip to save Oscar and lost 2 Ritchie heads.

Updated the standings with the results of the games at Matt's place last night. Rips were ripped, Raymond took Duncan's head, and Annie went undefeated.

I played a game with Jeff and have updated the standings with the results (Oscar chased off Annie). The latest card influx should have some interesting effects on the league.

Updated the standings with the results of games Kelly, Matt, and Bill played last night at Bill's.
Newton Pierce is a head taking machine.

Updated standings with the results of Matt and my game yesterday at Bill Con.

The tourney went well last night, here are the results:
Bill won with 3 wins (1 a headshot), 1 loss
Kelly was second with 1 win (a headshot), and 3 losses
Matt was third with 2 wins, 2 losses (lost his head to Kelly)
Jeff was fourth with 3 wins, 1 loss (lost his head to Bill) since he lost his head his points for the tourney were split between two immortals moving him from third to fourth
Bob came in last with 4 losses

I've updated the player stats from the tournament and the pick up play afterwards, which saw Newt take two more heads (Connors and Matt's Generic Carhan)

I should again be caught up on the Players/Standings. Things seemed to be in a nice flux with heads falling regularly.

I think I'm all caught up on the stats on the Players/Standings section. I've also added a 'Rips Used' column to the player stats.

We had a good session last night. Kelly, Matt, and Jeff I need the results of your games so I can update the Players/Standings section. I have it updated for Bill and my results.

I have the Challenges/Smack Talk page up and working. Email me ( for your passwords. Your name will be your first name (i.e. Bob, Jeff, Mark, etc...).

The current League Rules and Guidelines have been posted in the rules section.
First League Meeting is Sunday 02/26/2006 at Brother Matt's Place

Set up website.

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