The Beheaded Brothers of the Brown Bottle

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2nd Edition League Guidelines

The 2nd Edition Rules can be found here on the Highlander 2nd Edition Website.

Players begin with 2 starter decks and 10 booster packs25 booster packs.

You may trade league cards only with other league members.

A player is awarded 2points for winning a game, 1point for playing a game, 4points for taking a head and 5 points for winning a tournament.

All persona cards are considered unique. If a persona losses his head that persona card is removed from the league.

At least 5 league players must be present for a tournament.

Any league player may hold a tournament as long as he lets all players know when and where the tournament will take place in advance.

The host of the tournament will provide prizes that are league legal.

Quickenings are unique to the immortal who wins/takes them.

To purchase new cards a majority must vote to purchase cards with the number of packs being agreed upon before the vote.

The only cards required to be in the league are the initial purchase of 2 starters and 10 boosters. If the league votes to purchase more no one is required to purchase them.

How do the gems affect deck construction?
For each attribute on your persona, you may only have three times that number of that gem in your deck. For instance, Duncan has a 5 in every attribute, so he may have up to 15 of each gem in his deck.
For the Master attribute, you do not multiply by 3. You may only have as many master cards as your Master attribute.

All players must conduct themselves as gentleman and be good sports.

You may play whomever, whenever you want.

Running away: Declare you want to run away. Name a gem. Make a 5 card soft exertion. Subtract the number of the declared gem from 6 and continue the game that many turns. If there is not a winner after that many turns, the immortal escapes. If an immortal escapes he shuffles his deck and offers a cut to his opponent. He then draws the top card of his deck and gives it to his opponent who can add it to his league collection.

Report your league games to Bob or BillJ.

Rules for Generic Immortals:

The gems are:

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