Welcome the Brotherhood of the Brown Bottle Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition website.

Tired of the perpetual new-edition and army restructuring from GW, and nostalgic for the days when Warhammer Armies had more personality, a few of the Brothers have decided to just go back to 3rd edition.

We are playing for fun and using whatever figures catch our fancy (though Lukash is something of a 3rd edition GW-mini purist).


9/16/2009 - Wow, over a year since an update. Pretty sad. Anyway I've added the hero limitation guidelines we are using to the House Rules Page.

Bill and I hope to get a game in during the next week or so, and I'll try and take pics and do battle report.

9/15/2008 - Bill has finished some more Chaos Warriors and a Chaos Sorcerer in Brother Lukash's Chaos Gallery of the Gallery Page.

8/25/2008 - Added Pics of some of Bill's painted chaos figs including a very nice Giant to Brother Lukash's Chaos Gallery of the Gallery Page.

We have been playing games, but not keeping very good notes or track of things. Mostly Chaos vs Brettonians. Next time we play, I will try and keep better notes and write up a battle report.

5/19/2008 - Added a write up by Bob of one of the battles Saturday night between Bill's Chaos and Bob's Brettonians to the Battle Reports section. This is the first battle in a psuedo-campaign we are having between the two forces. We were able to get two games in, this is the story of the first battle.

4/15/2008 - Added an excellent write up by Bill of the battle Sunday between Bill's Chaos and Bob's Undead to the Battle Reports section.

3/4/2008 - Added the New Units section. Not much there yet, but I will be updating as we play more and come up with more stuff.

2/24/2008 - Added a drawing of a Chaos Goblin of Nurgle in the new Bill Drawrings section of the Gallery Page.

1/28/2008 - Added some pictures of Bob's Undead to the Gallery Page.

1/17/2008 - Site goes up.